Our school was founded in 1988. From 1988 to 1999 it functioned as the Public Primary School, No 40. After the education reform in 1999 the Zespół Szkół Ogólnokształcących was created.The school was transformed into separate Lower Secondary School) in 2001. Mr Janusz Gerlach was the headteacher of the school from its beginning to September 2006.


The patron of our school is Jan Kochanowski – one of the greatest Polish poet. The author of many masterpieces including The Dismissal of the Greek Envoys, Laments, and many well-known poems.


Principal- Andrzej Lidak
Vice Principal- Dorota Szczukowska
Vice Principal- Sylwia Jaśkiewicz

The schoolboard consists of 61 dedicated and well qualified teachers who help and encourage students to work to the best of their ability and develop their interests and skills.

At present, 561, boys and girls aged 13-16, learn in 21 classes at our school.


  • 25 well equipped classrooms
  • 3 IT rooms with an internet access
    (including one computer language classroom)
  • the audiovisual language laboratory
  • 2 gyms
  • the club room
  • the library
  • the pitch
  • the volleyball pitch
  • the school shop
  • the canteen with the kitchen
  • the monitoring

We also provide our pupils with the care of the special needs teacher, the psychologist, the therapists and the school nurse.


 remedial classes
 exam preparation classes
 extra classes, special interests groups, among many others :
- League for Environmental Protection
- Polish Red Cross
- Biology club
- Physics club
- The Music club
- The Maths club
- The History club
- The Polish language clubs
- The Chemistry club
- The voluntary service “Sówka”
- The reading elite
- The patriotic classes
- The Art classes
- English Language classes
- German Language classes
- Sports classes


  • voluntary service
  • school trips
  • trekking trips
  • debates
  • grants
  • schoolarships


   The headteacher of Publiczne Gimnazjum nr 3 im. J. Kochanowskiego informs that the following pedagogical innovations will be carried out in our school in the given term:

1. In the school year 2013/2014:
a. Be a loony scientist.
b. Cultural and art centres of the region as the source of knowledge about art – Orońsko.
c. The music and movement classes’ programme in the field of dance and aerobic exercises.
d. Physical education with the elements of English language.
2. In the school years 2013-2016:
a. Formation of social attitudes and the development of psychomotor efficiency through the practice of basketball – class 1A – boys.
3. In the school years 2013-2015:
a. Formation of social attitudes and the development of psychomotor efficiency through the practice of basketball – class 2A – boys.
b. Modern dance and aerobic forms programme – class 2A – girls.
4. In the year 2013/2014 finishes:
a. Formation of social attitudes and the development of psychomotor efficiency through the practice of basketball – class 3A – boys.


  A lot of students from our school, prepared by our well-qualified teachers, have gained many awards and won lots of various contests. Here is the list of some of the most important achievements:
• Marcin Maciąg became a laureate of the Technical Contest, a finalist of the Mathematical Contest and the Physics Contest and won the credit book for the University of Technology in Radom in the information technology contest for the higher secondary school graduates.
• Marcin Bąk became a laureate of the Mathematical Contest, a finalist of the Polish Language Contest and the Chemistry Contest.
• Przemysław Piwowarczyk became a laureate of the Biology Contest and a double finalist of the Geography Contest (in the school years 2009/2010 and 2010/2011).
• Aleksandra Pogoda became a laureate of the Geography Contest and a finalist of the Polish Language Contest.
• Our students took part several times in the Parliament of the Children and the Youth in Warsaw.
• Our students have also won the first prize in such contests as: All-Polish History Contest “Circle”; Radomski Mathematical Contest.
• Our students won the English-Ecological Contest organized by the school in Romania.
  The teachers provide students with a wide range of additional classes, thanks to which they have the opportunity to prepare to different contests and, as a result, won many awards.

  Our school puts emphasis not only on the educational progress of our students, but also on the physical development. Therefore, our students have won a lot of sport competitions, such as:
• triathlon in athletics in the Mazovian Voivodeship;
• basketball;
• table tennis;
• archery;
• football;
• chess;
• and many others.
  The teachers of Physical Education spend lots of time training students in various sports disciplines.

    In September 2003 our school received the title of “The School with Class”.

    In 2012 our school received the title of “The School of the Talent Discoverers”.

    Our school encourages students to participate in various cultural events. We cooperate with such institutions as the Centre of Culture “Południe”, where students take part in theatrical plays, meet with important representatives of music, art and film.


  Our school puts great emphasis on the foreign language study. The students in our school learn English and German. The teachers of those languages organize various additional classes including: exam and contest preparation, remedial classes, theatrical classes, cultural classes and many others. Thanks to them, students have possibility to expand their range of vocabulary, consolidate their knowledge of grammar, learn about the history, culture and literature of English and German speaking countries and, most importantly, develop their language skills in reading, listening, speaking and writing.
  Students participate in plenty of different events, such as: American Week, British Week, celebrations of Halloween, St. Patrick Day, Australia Day, Christmas, Easter, St Martin day, DeutschWagen Tour.
  The teachers encourage students to take part in various school contests, which are connected with both grammar and vocabulary, but also with culture, literature and language skills. Among such contests are: Tongue Twisters, grammar contests for weaker students, English and German dictation, cultural quizzes connected with England, Ireland, the United States of America or Australia, Maths in English, Maths in German, English-German translation contest.
  Our teachers also organize contests for the students from other schools, such as: English-German Contest “One in Ten”, English Contest for students of Primary Schools “English is Fun”, English Contest for students from lower secondary schools “I Like English”.
  Our students take part in many all-Polish contests, such as “Pollution is not a Game” (organized by a school in Romania – our students won the first and the third place), Mazovian English Contest, English Olympiad, and many others. They always place themselves high in the ratings.
  The teachers and students participate in eTwinning project, thanks to which our students are able to communicate with students from various countries from Europe and to carry out educational projects with them by exchanging emails in English and German, posting multimedia presentations on websites, preparing guides, and so on. Thanks to this project they have a great possibility not only to develop their communication and language skills, but also to learn more about various foreign cultures and to learn how to work in a group.